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Kitchen Remodeling

Bug island kitchen to sunroomRes-9.jpg

At Justin Thyme Homes, we can help reconfigure your kitchen so that it’s updated, beautiful and new. So many of our customers want a new kitchen, but it’s just overwhelming thinking of where to start. We are here to help.


First, we visit with you at your home to understand the scope of your project, what you like or don’t like about your kitchen. We are excellent at suggesting changes that can add value but also make the space more functional and beautiful.


Our Process

We normally provide an estimate within 5 working days of our first meeting. We’ll review it and the proposed timeline with you. If we are in agreement regarding the budget and signed contract, we can normally start projects within a few weeks. Often a kitchen remodel will take about 8 weeks (depending on if you want custom cabinets or not, it could be more).


Some of the topics we’ll discuss at our first meeting to review your kitchen are things like this:

  • What do you like or not like about your kitchen?

  • How is the flow of your kitchen for your lifestyle? In other words, do you like to entertain? Is there a bottle neck getting in and out of your kitchen?

  • Does your kitchen open to a living/ dining room – or would you like it to? (Many of our customers want an open concept. We are experts at placing the support beams in the attic and making your new spaces seamless).

  • Do you have enough natural light in your kitchen? We often add windows (or move them). With our brick master we can patch and replace almost any brick and match any original mortar color.

  • Do you want our help in selection of tile, counters, colors? We are happy to do this for customers who say this just isn’t their thing.


The following is just one example of a kitchen renovation recently completed.


Richardson Kitchen Remodel Example

A young family had just moved back into Richardson. They loved the neighborhood, schools and missed their old friends. They hired Justin Thyme Homes to renovate their recently purchased home which included a complete kitchen remodel.


We demo’d walls, floors, bathrooms and the entire kitchen.  Next, we knocked out several walls to create an open concept, putting large LVL beams for support in the attic (per the engineering plan).

Once the walls were knocked out, it was time to focus on the kitchen.  We visited with the homeowners to determine what kind of cabinetry they wanted (how much pantry, how much space for pots and pans, what style, color, etc.).  



Knocking out two walls to create an open concept between the new kitchen and living area

knocking out walls.jpg

The original kitchen had one window right where we wanted the fridge to go so we removed the window and re placed it about 3 feet further down the wall.  On the floor, we taped off where the island was to go, where all cabinets started and stopped and also marked where appliances went. This is an easy way to make sure all cabinets are placed where we like them and the spacing is good. We often make adjustments with the homeowner at this stage.

The owners were happy with the placement of the original sink and gas stove which made plumbing very easy (often we have to saw-cut a slab to run a new gas or water line to a newly placed appliance, or run new lines under a pier and beam home).  We and the client visited the cabinet showroom where she could see the high quality of the cabinets, the styles and colors.  A few days later we were able to share 3D renderings of the new kitchen and all cabinetry. We did make a few minor changes at this stage but were soon ordering our cabinets! The client wanted a very specific treatment on her vent hood so we built it. (You can see it in the photos).

A typical 3D rendering we provide prior to installing cabinets. 

Kitchen 3D Sink wall.png

Before the remodel (and knocking out walls), you can see a closed off, dated kitchen

Befor Kitchen.jpg

Final remodeled kitchen with open concept

kitchen and living after.jpg

Appliances were strategically placed so that the functionality of the kitchen was excellent and still beautiful. After building a pony (half wall) wall to support the cabinets and island, we were able to complete electrical, and sheetrock/ texture. Next for the fun part!  A few weeks later the new, beautiful cabinets arrived and we installed them. Our fabricator measured and soon installed gorgeous new counters that complimented the new lighting, flooring and the vent hood. It was all beautifully coordinated. This client new exactly what she wanted so she picked most materials. We often pick these and provide guidance with aesthetic choices for clients who say this is overwhelming for them. 

We remodeled the rest of the home in addition to the kitchen. This included re working the AC ducts and vents to accommodate changes, some electrical, installing a new sub panel. We also fully renovated a full bath, plus re textured and painted the entire home. We created a specific and unique trim treatment above all doors that the client had seen in magazines.  Lastly, we poured a large concrete pad in the back yard, extending their driveway for a future outdoor patio area.


All in all, it was a fantastic and fun project, especially because in the end, the homeowners were so happy. We accomplished the whole remodel on the entire home (including the kitchen) in just over four months and came in $4,000 under budget.

Even pets love our kitchens!

2 rio living kitchen_resized_edited.jpg

Create your dream home.
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