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About Justin Thyme Homes

We excel in renovations of older homes. Sometimes this means knocking out a wall to create an open concept, moving an HVAC (heating and air conditioning) into the attic, or reconfiguring a closet to enlarge a bathroom. We can walk through a home and offer ideas (usually on the spot) to make the best use of your space and give your home top value. Our goal is to complete projects in a timely manner with high quality work. We pride ourselves on being nimble and easy to work with.  We'd love to help you re- imagine and remodel your home.  Justin Thyme Homes is where beauty meets practicality.

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Our Process

At Justin Thyme Homes, we can help remodel any part of your home. So many of our customers want to renovate, but it’s just overwhelming thinking of where to start.  We are here to help.

First, we visit with you on site (this is usually at your home) to understand the scope of your project, what you like or don’t like about your the area. We are excellent at suggesting changes that can add value but also make the space more functional and beautiful.

We normally provide an estimate within 5 working days of our first meeting. We’ll review it and the proposed timeline with you. We then sign a contract and can normally start projects within 3 to 4 weeks (due to pulling permits and plans).  We provide calendars that help you understand when each phase begins and ends - from demo to framing, sheetrock, tile, etc. 

Some of the topics we’ll discuss at our first meeting to review your project are things like this:

  • What do you like or not like about your space?

  • What would you change if money were no object?

  • What is your budget and where might you be willing to compromise if you have to? (We are great at suggesting modifications that provide budget relief but still maintain functionality and beauty).

  • What's your style aesthetically? (if you don't know, we are excellent at providing guidance - especially in a way that fits and adds value to your home).

  • What is your timeline? We'll also share how long a project of this nature will typically take.

  • Do you want our help in selection of colors, spaces, tile, products, aesthetics? We are happy to do this for customers who say this just isn’t their thing.

  • Will you be living in the home while we renovate?

Preconstruction Design

Sometimes we need architectural plans, but often we don't. It just depends on the nature of your project. If you have structural work, we will also need engineering plans.

Design & Construction Estimate

in about 5 working days we'll have your estimate (down to hinges and door knobs). We create detailed, comprehensive estimates up front so that we have the best chance of staying on budget.

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On-Site Consultations

We start out with an on stie consultation to see what you need and scope your project. This is where we learn about your needs, lifestyle and desires. 

Getting Started

Once we've agreed to the estimate, we'll sign the contract.  This outlines scope of work, timing and budget.  Then we get started! 


Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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